What do I make nowadays?

A short introduction.



My today's prints originate from photographs. For this I can choose from a large collection I have built up during my lifetime. In retrospect I appear to have been fascinated by symmetry, perspective, patterns, structures, reflections etc. Those are often repetitive themes, that I mostly found in architecture, ancient and modern.


Using my skills as a graphic artist I choose and manipulate suitable images. In this process I try to reduce them as much as possible to their essence: colours are weakened to almost black and white; the remaining image is intensified untill it almost resembles an engraving  or a pen drawing.


Next I print the images on quality paper: matte, velvet, silk or structured, taking advantage of the detail-richness offered by nowaday's c-print technique. The edition remains small, 24 prints atmost. The size is usually A2 (42 x 59,4 cm), but different sizes are  possible of course.


To the right on this page are a few examples of my recent c-prints. You can find further and more extensive information on the Portfolio page.


In addition, I often print my photo's without any prior graphic processing, in all common formats. Again, the ultrachrome printing technology delivers superior results.


Underneath are a few examples of my photo's; more can be found at the Photo-page in my portfolio.


At the bottom of the page you find a few examples of my



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